The main research efforts of our group focus on the total synthesis of constructively challenging molecules and the development of novel methodologies that promote structural complexity. We like to envision total synthesis, not only as a target oriented synthetic endeavor, but also as a source of inspiration for the revealing of new reactivities and the development of new tactics toward novel connectivities.

On the other hand, we believe that the new synthetic tools should be of broad scope, reliable and of course applicable on more complex substrates. Only with this condition fulfilled, the new methodology can, literally and substantially, be in the service of total synthesis and render it more delicate, more sophisticated and one step closer to Ideal Synthesis.

Seeking the perfect synthesis, we are particularly interested in exploring the way Nature, by far the best Synthetic Organic chemist, is making molecules, so as to be taught by its methodology and try to mimic its principals. Currently, we focus our attention on the greatest natural products family, the one of terpenoids and more particular to the structural motifs that are least explored and studied so far, such as the medium ring sized monocyclic sesquiterpenes.